Objects, Art & Function

a collection of objects designed by Bill Brown

and created in the studio.

Art and function to enrich any space

Contact the studio to purchase any of these items. We are happy to gift wrap and arrange shipping.

GLBrown Trio w cheese.jpg

Vineyard Lights

Fresh from the Vineyard:

the leaves of the Marquette or Riesling grape vines and Cabernet Sauvignon grape vines have been recreated in steel and are now ready to hold candles for your next relaxing evening.  

Vineyard Lights are $60.00 each

Color Selection: Dark Steel or Rich Brown, approximately 8.5" x 7.5" 

Style selection: Riesling Leaf (serrated edges) or Cabernet Leaf (smooth edges)


Rhododendron candleholders

Inspired by Western North Carolina's ubiquitous Rhododendron bushes, these popular candleholders are even more exciting in groups just like the plant that inspired them.  

Rhododendron CandleHolders are $55.00 each

Color selection: Dark Steel and Rich Brown Approximately 7-9"l x 8-10" w



BBQ, Shish kebab, whatever you call them these skewers are up to the task when filled with your favorite meats and vegetables.  Great on the grill or over the campfire. A kitchen staple to last a lifetime.

Sets of Four Skewers for $28.00    

each skewer is approximately 19.5" long